This is my bike right after arrival from Grenoble...
... and this is, how it looks now. Note the new oilpan protection and the Touratech toolbox attached to it (click to enlarge). The toolbox is that badly designed that I actually think about removing it again: The box is not only small, but the lids for the locks make it impossible to put anything substancial in it.
A view below the tank before...
Unterm Tank
... and after completion of the works. 1) is the additional transformer coil and 3) the additional controller unit for the dual ignition. The control unit is actually taken from a VW Rabbit. 2) and 6) indicate the mounts for the large HPN-tank. The relays 4) hide the new diode board/regulator unit. Finally, 5) shows how I will carry my spare throttle cable.
It is worth to have a look at the combined controller/diode board unit. I was told that it very improbable that it breaks. However, I left the diode board I bought in Grenoble behind the alternator cap as a spare part, just in case...
This is how the rear frame was strenghened. The sheet is about 4mm thick. We could not get any other thickness (we did look for a 2mm-sheet). Klaus discussed intensely the question whether to weld or just to screw the sheet to the frame.
As I said, 4 mm...
Eventually, the sheet were welded to the frame. Click to enlarge the picture and see the sheet welded to the frame in the background. As you can see in the foreground, a "Ducati-style" strenghening was added to the right side of the frame. I am note quite sure if it is useful, but it sure looks nice :)
Finally, my bike with the new Tesch-boxes including quick-relase. Rack and rear frame have been powder coated.
You will notice that I had the quick release changed. The boxes will now just stay in medium position.
That is how my bike looks with the boxes attached. There are still some things I would like to change before leaving by end of the month, but the appearance ontheroad shoud be quite similar.